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Heidi and Anny

Ready to attract, hire and retain a loyal, superstar team –
while making more profits than ever before?

Attention hardworking (and exhausted!) entrepreneur –

Are you working way too hard in your business? Do you feel like you don’t have enough of the “right” support to help you scale profitably?

Maybe you’ve experienced one bad (and expensive!) hire after another… and you’re starting to wonder if it’s actually possible to find the right people (at the right price) to give you the relief you crave in your business.

What if we told you that in 90 days, we could help you implement a proven hiring system that would help you build a winning team while lowering your payroll costs?

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Building a Winning Team Should Not Be So Difficult

Without the right system, you will always have team issues.
Over time, constant team issues will result in you feeling…

  • Anxiety around constant team member issues
  • Unsupported and overwhelmed
  • Like running your business is difficult
  • You’re wasting time being consumed with minutiae and team issues
  • You’re losing passion and enthusiasm for your business
  • You’re limiting your profitability because you don’t have the right people and the right systems in place (with the right systems your team will be highly efficient, love their jobs more, and work fewer hours)


Increase Your Profit Margin By 20% (or more!)

What if you could increase your profit margins by 20% simply by hiring the right person for the right role the first time?

Or let me rephrase that…

What if, in 90 days, you could be off the hustle hamster wheel and get back to running your business (instead of it running you) by building a highly efficient winning dream team that actually supports you?

According to the U.S. Department Of Labor – the average cost of a bad hiring decision is at least 30% of the individual’s first – year expected earnings (yikes!).

So, if you mis-hire someone for $50K/year, it will cost you at least $15K to fix their mistakes and replace them.

When you couple that with the loss of time and revenue from making a bad hire, you can easily experience a 20% reduction in profit margin.

You’re struggling with your team because…

  • Not knowing what specific roles you need to hire and what to pay for those roles
  • Hiring out of urgency or desperation because people are quitting left and right or because you’re growing fast and need more people right NOW
  • Not knowing how to properly interview and assess them
  • Feeling drained and stressed about how to pay for a team that isn’t actually supporting you or your business growth
  • You’re frustrated that most of the money you work hard to earn in your business goes to pay your team (our system shows you how to double your support while cutting your payroll costs by 50%+ by filling some roles with high-quality overseas talent)


What if there was a simple and effective hiring system to find, hire, and onboard great talent that included grab-and-go templates, resources, and automated processes… all of which guaranteed your success?

Imagine… 90 days from now, you could have peace of mind knowing you can:

  • Stop wasting money hiring people that aren’t a good fit
  • Enjoy working with your team and feel supported by your team (instead of constantly wondering if you need to let them go)
  • Have the right people in the right roles with clear objectives and score cards
  • Able to quickly find great new talent when you need them and have an effective automated onboarding system
  • Feel at ease and have the ability to take more time off
  • Experience an increased PROFIT MARGIN!
  • Actually make it to the gym every day

And most importantly…

So you can start spending time on things in your business
that actually move the needle!

Heidi and Anny

Hi! We’re Heidi and Anny,

and we’re passionate about helping your business build a winning team!

Heidi DeCoux is a serial entrepreneur who’s built four businesses with 50%+ profit margins, sold 3 of them, including one of them for a 7-figure exit. Featured in Forbes, Heidi’s become known as “The Optimizer” because she’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs optimize their businesses and life.

Anny Chou is a recruiting veteran who has built teams for some of the most admired tech companies, private equity firms, non-profits, and foundations in the world. She’s a trusted strategic partner and confidant to her clients around organizational design, hiring, training, onboarding, and acquisition efforts. She loves working with companies at key inflection points to help them grow and scale quickly. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Master’s Degree from Harvard University.

We’ve made every mistake in the book. Over many years and multiple businesses, we finally cracked the code of building and maintaining a winning team.

We’ve built out and refined strategies, processes, and templates and used them successfully in different businesses in different niches. We now have a proven, repeatable system – and we’re making it available to you. Our system will save you dozens of hours of work and help ensure you hire the right people and get them onboarded quickly and effectively.

If you want to build a winning team (the profitable way),
then we have something for you…



The plug-n-play system with coaching support
for building & scaling a winning team.

You will IMMEDIATELY save time with this system.

Here’s What You Get…

What You Get

12 Job Ad Templates

Saves You 2+ Hours Per Job

Grab-n-go customizable templates for 12 different positions – these roles that almost every small business needs or will in the future.

Plus, a list of unique places to post these templates so that you get several highly qualified good candidates to apply for each position you post.

Value $900

Automated Pre-Screening Funnel

Saves You 2+ Hours Per Job

We’ll show you how to set up a free pre-screening automated funnel in less than 15 minutes.

This saves you a TON of time by automatically pre-vetting candidates before you set up interviews.

Value $150

Interview Guide

Saves You 3+ Hours Per Job

This guide gives you specific interview questions for each role, how to assess the answers, what tests (projects and personality tests) to give candidates based on the role, do’s and don’ts during the interview process, and how to evaluate if they’re a good fit for your company and the role.

Value $500

Salary/Rates Guide

Saves You 1+ Hours Per Job

Rate ranges for different roles, so you never have to guess what you should pay.

This guide includes salary/rates for both state-side and overseas roles and which roles are great to fill with high-quality overseas talent saving you 60%+ on your payroll costs.

Value $97

Negotiating the Offer Guide including Job Offer Template

Saves You 2+ Hours Per Job

So you can create a win/win offer that will make your new talent (and your profit margins) happy

Value $150

New Hire Onboarding Playbook

Saves You 5+ Hours Per Job

In this playbook, you’ll get best practices to onboard new team members (local and overseas) so your new team members can quickly start contributing to the team.

You’ll also get a User Manual Template for you & each team member, so you know how to best work with each other and, most importantly, your team knows how to work with you (your quirks, communication style, etc.).

Value $1,200

New Hire Assessment Tool

Saves You 3+ Hours Per Job

This tool helps you clearly and objectively assess each team member so you can let bad hires go within the first 30-60 days before they cost you significant time and money.

You’ll also get 15/30/60-Day Scorecards with instructions on how to set up a scorecard system that feels good for you and your team.

Value $150

Firing Guide

Saves You 3+ Hours Per Job

As a small business, you will need to transition people out of your business from time to time.

In this guide, you’ll get specific steps and strategies to let someone go gracefully and how to do this without leaving your business in a bad place.

Value $150

Coaching Support

Saves You From Countless Mistakes

You’ll be invited to twice-monthly office hours for 6 MONTHS! Every other week we open up spots for 15-minute one-on-one calls to answer your individual questions and provide you with personalized consulting.

Value $2,700

What Makes Alchemized Teams Different?

Alchemized Teams is not another program or course that’s going to collect dust in cyberspace. It’s an actionable system of downloadable templates, swipe files, tools, and automation systems to help you streamline your team.

Our proven system is designed to help you figure out the position you need to fill, create a job description, attract top talent, interview, vet, test, and find the candidate that’s the best fit!

Think of this proven system as your grab-and-go resource library that you come back to again and again to hire and train A-players.

Alchemized Teams
Alchemized Teams VIP

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

In 30 days, if you wouldn’t jump into shark-infested waters to get this system back, we’ll return every dollar you paid for it.

Your Fast Action Bonus

Invest by midnight PST on Sunday, March 26th and get a private 30-minute consulting session with Heidi or Anny (Value: $400!)

And Because We Love Bonuses…

We’ve created 3 bonuses to help you build your dream team even faster!

BONUS #1: Overseas Talent Guide

Value $900

There are several roles you can hire great overseas talent, which dramatically cuts your payroll cost (increasing your profit margin). You need to follow a very specific process to find great talent and properly onboard them into your business so that they’re successful in their role and stay with you long term. In this Guide, we’ll show you exactly which roles are best suited for overseas talent, how much to pay them, where and how to find them, how to vet and onboard them, and how to avoid all the pitfalls – and you’ll get grab-n-go templates for every step.

You could have a great team of overseas talent within 30 days taking over 90% of the busy work off your plate!

Over the years, Heidi has had multiple teams of overseas talent. Many have stayed with her for several years.

“I’ve been working with Heidi for nearly a decade through multiple businesses of hers and love being on her teams.”

-Lindell, Philippine-based Programmer


BONUS #2: Virtual Assistant Guide

Value $250

An effective virtual assistant can be game-changing to your business and life. In this guide, we’ll show you what to delegate to them (both in your business and personal life), how to set them up for success in supporting you, and how to manage them on autopilot (we’ll give you a weekly report template & task management system), how to retain them long term, where to find exceptional VA’s locally and overseas (and what tasks to give a local VA versus an overseas VA and when/why you may want both), and a complete templated hiring process for both local and overseas assistants. And we’ll walk you through every pitfall and how to avoid them.


BONUS #3: Systems Guide

Value $150

The easiest way to cut down on team training time, streamline your business, and become non-dependent on any one team member, is by creating SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for every process. This can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide will show you how to do a time study with your team, identify and delete things that aren’t moving the needle forward, and show you a HIGHLY efficient way of creating SOP’s for everything (and how to keep your SOP’s up-to-date on autopilot!). With this method, in 30 days, you can have a complete audit of your business and team and have everything SOP’ed – all using very few extra hours between you and your team (we promise this process won’t be a time suck!).

You’ve Got Questions… We’ve Got Answers

Will this be confusing and hard to implement?

Nope! This is a simple step-by-step system with coaching support. We hold your hand through the implementation.

How much time will this take?

It will immediately save you time. You’ll get access to grab-and-go templates, automation tools, and resources all of which are designed to immediately save you time and enhance your results.

What if my existing team resists this?

This system is designed to get your existing team excited about the positive impact it will have the business and on their job.

Alchemized Teams
Alchemized Teams VIP

Still undecided? This Program is a perfect fit for you if…

  • You’re about to make your very first hire (which could be a part-time contract VA)
  • You’re a fast-growing small business that needs to make more hires in the next 12 months
  • You’re frustrated with your current team and need to make some changes
  • You want to increase your profit margins by hiring some overseas team members and you aren’t sure how to get the right people OR you’ve had a bad experience with it in the past and want a proven system (our system shows you how to double your support while cutting your payroll costs by 50%+ by filling some roles with high-quality overseas talent)
Alchemized Teams
Alchemized Teams VIP