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What We Are Selling
What We Are Selling

Your Affiliate Commission


During our launch, Alchemized Teams will be an investment of $1,500 (regular price is $2,400). We are offering a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Your commission is 40% on each sale ($600). After we increase the price to $1,900, you’ll continue to get your affiliate commission, and we will then start promoting 1-on-1 consulting packages. Your commission is 15% on all consulting sold to your audience.

Your Affiliate Prizes



Behind-the-Scenes Launch Debrief (VALUE $697)

Heidi and Anny will give you a complete debrief of the launch (how we put together a launch in 90 days, how much we spent and on what, what worked and what didn’t). And you’ll be invited to a live Zoom call where we will review the launch debrief and answer any questions you have so you can apply what we learned during our launch to your business.




You Get the System! (VALUE $1,500)

You’ll get full and complete access to the system, including coaching support for a full year.

Launch Calendar

March 3– Guide to Hiring a VA promo begins (free lead magnet #1)

March 9 – Guide to Automating & Systematizing Your Business promo begins (free lead magnet #2)

March 21 – Open Cart

March 25, April 2 & 6 – Live Q&A on Instagram & LinkedIn

March 30 – Live Free Masterclass on Zoom

April 6 – Payment Plan Offered for 3 Days (3 Payments of $550)

April 10 – Price increase to $1,900

April 10 – New Consulting Packages Offered
You get 15% commission on consulting sales & gave offer FREE Profit Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
with me to your audience – $500 value!


Yes, it’s a longer-than-usual launch cycle. We’re going to be doing some live webinars, and Instagram lives. The long launch window gives us time for several live touch points and gives you a bigger window to mail within. Take one minute right now to mark your calendar!!

Support & Swipe Materials

We’ll make this launch really easy on you by providing you with great swipe copy, images, a walk-through of our system so you can see exactly what you’re promoting, and a lot of support.

We’ll be providing you:

  • 2 Lead Magnets to Promote ahead of the launch
  • Email Copy and a Selection of Graphics
  • Social Media Copy and a Selection of Graphics

What We’re Selling

Alchemized Teams is a complete system for Finding, Vetting, Hiring & Onboarding great talent with a FULL YEAR of one-on-one coaching support! The system includes grab-and-go templates, resources, and automation (couldn’t we all use more automation?!).

It works for contractors, employees, and overseas talent. And shows you how you can cut payroll costs significantly with the right overseas talent and how to get them and work with them successfully.

The system saves you a TON of time & money and helps ensure that every hire you make is IDEAL for your business.

Because this is our first launch, we’re going to seriously overdeliver!

The System Playbook Includes:

  • 12 Job Ad Templates – Saves You 2+ Hours Per Job – Grab-n-go customizable templates for 12 different positions – these roles that almost every small business needs or will in the future. Plus, a list of unique places to post these templates so that you get several highly qualified good candidates to apply for each position you post.
  • Automated Pre-Screening Funnel – Saves You 2+ Hours Per Job – We’ll show you how to set up a free pre-screening automated funnel in less than 15 minutes. This saves you a TON of time by automatically pre-vetting candidates before you set up interviews.
  • Interview Guide – Saves You 3+ Hours Per Job – This guide gives you specific interview questions for each role, how to assess the answers, what tests (projects and personality tests) to give candidates based on the role, do’s and don’ts during the interview process, and how to evaluate if they’re a good fit for your company and the role.
  • Salary/Rates Guide – Saves You 1+ Hours Per Job – rates for different roles (description + rate range of each role)
  • Negotiating the Offer Guide including Job Offer Template – Saves You 2+ Hours Per Job – So you can create a win/win offer that will make your new talent (and your profit margins) happy.
  • New Hire Onboarding Playbook – Saves You 5+ Hours Per Job – In this playbook, you’ll get the best practices to onboard new team members (local and overseas) effectively so your new team members feel great and can quickly start contributing to the team. You’ll also get a User Manual Template for you & each team member, so you know how to best work with each other and, most importantly, your team knows how to work with you (your quirks, communication style, etc.).
  • New Hire Assessment Tool – Saves You 3+ Hours Per Job – This tool helps you clearly and objectively assess each team member so you can let bad hires go within the first 30-60 days before they cost you significant time and money. You’ll also 1/30/60-Day Score Cards (and how to set up a scorecard system for your team that feels good for everyone).
  • Firing Guide – Saves You 3+ Hours Per Job – As a small business, you will need to transition people out of your business from time to time. In this guide, you’ll get specific steps and strategies to let someone go gracefully and how to do this without leaving your business in a bad place.
  • Coaching Support – Saves You From Countless Mistakes – You’ll be invited to bi-weekly office hours for 6 MONTHS! Every other week we open up spots for 15-minute one-on-one calls to answer your questions and provide you with consulting. In addition, we have monthly live Round Table Discussions held over Zoom. All Round Tables are recorded, and you’re given the recordings, and you’re free to record your private 15-minute consulting session.
  • PLUS… 3 great bonuses worth over $1,500!!

Our Target Market:

  • small businesses ($150K – $10M in annual revenue)
  • businesses hiring either contractors, employees and/or want quality affordable overseas talent
  • businesses wanting to hire & onboard great overseas talent to cut costs
  • businesses hiring these kinds of roles:
    1. Executive Assistant
    2. Virtual Assistant / Personal Assistant
    3. Billing Assistant / Bookkeeper
    4. Project Manager
    5. Customer Service Rep
    6. Marketing Manager
    7. Community Manager
    8. Director of Operations / Operations Manager / Integrator
    9. Graphic Designer
    10. Programmer
    11. Business Developer/ Salesperson
    12. Chief of Staff
  • businesses wanting to make better hires (have a bigger pool of candidates whenever they have an opening and know how to properly vet, interview & asses them)
  • businesses that don’t currently have a fully fleshed out and effective onboarding system for new hires that’s automated
  • businesses that are too small to have a professional HR person handling their hiring and onboarding (typically the owner is doing the finding, vetting, hiring & on-boarding – or most of it, and they’d love an effective time-saving process with grab-and-go templates)

Heidi and Anny

Thank you for your support!

Please let us know if you have any questions, and please take 3 minutes right now to complete your
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Love & Success,

Heidi DeCoux and Anny Chou