We’re Hiring a Philippines-Based Virtual Assistant / Customer Service Agent

We help small businesses build winning teams.  We have a plug-n-play system, and we offer consulting services. And we need a full-time virtual assistant to help with admin tasks and customer service.  

We’re looking for a Rockstar Virtual Assistant with a positive attitude and who takes pride in the outcome and quality of her work.  

If you are a hard worker and enjoy working with a FUN, FAB, and productive team – this could be your dream job! 

Candidate Requirements:

  • Has 2+ years General VA experience
  • Has 1+ years of Customer Service experience
  • Can work from 5am – 1pm Eastern (5pm-1am Philippines time)
  • Clear, focused, super organized, grounded, efficient, and has the ability to achieve outcomes FAST
  • Excellent communication skills – the ability to work cohesively with team members and clients 
  • Has customer service skills and knows how to follow instructions with very good execution
  • A self-starter who thrives in a team environment and is wired to “mark things off the list” and get projects completed ahead of the deadline
  • Must be very attentive to details & creative with great problem-solving skills
  • Actually LOVE details, logistics, tasks, and project management, and excel at being a “behind the scenes” support person
  • Tech-savvy & figure out new tech tools without much hand-holding
  • Excels at creating workflow efficiencies & using technology to save time
  • Likes routine and knowing what to expect each week; reliable and dependable to get both routine and project-oriented tasks done weekly
  • Has super strong time management and workflow management skills to maximize the productivity of the team
  • Has experience working in a fast-paced environment with weekly deadlines & high accountability. Excellent communication and time management skills are a MUST.  
  • You’re not afraid to ask questions, ‘bother’ the team, and reach out when you need help
  • You have a bias of action and love crossing things off your to-do list 
  • You take ownership of every assignment you are given 
  • You can manage multiple tasks and projects without dropping the ball or missing a deadline You love to turn chaos into structure, making lists and creating processes
  • You are a people person and have no problem speaking to, working with others, and following up until you get your answer
  • You can anticipate problems and seeks solutions to save time and ease processes
  • You hold yourself and others to high standards
  • You have an “I’ll figure it out attitude” and love to problem solve

Tech Requirements: 

  • Computer – At least i5 or equivalent with 8GB RAM
  • Internet Speed – At least 20 MBPS Download speed
  • Knows Gdrive & Gsuite (Google Workspace) extremely well
  • Has a solid typing WPM (ideally 45+ WPM)

BONUS: Would love it if you know how to use ZOHO, Notion, and Asana (but not required, we’ll provide training if necessary). 

Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Basic Customer service 
  • Assist the team, especially the Digital Marketing Specialist, in completing administrative tasks
  • Time Management & Task/ Project Managing your workflow  
  • Helping the executives offload administrative tasks, prepare documents, oversee the team in Asana and other ad hoc tasks; and organize their time so they can focus on strategy, management, and growing the company
  • Organize SOPs, Company Directories, Docs and Gforms
  • Manage orders, book flights, and other logistics as needed
  • Create Reports, Stats, and Metrics as needed
  • Manage the calendars of the executive team using Oncehub & Gcal; special attention given to managing the calendar and daily workflow, including managing / prioritizing appointments and planning time with executives, customers, and other partners & team members Managing meetings, including preparing agendas, following up with action items


Compensation will be paid via PayPal in Philippine pesos monthly. Monthly compensation for this full-time position is Php27,000 – Php40,000 (depending on experience and skills).

Hours worked beyond 40 hours weekly can be banked (up to 40 hours) for personal days.  Overtime is paid only with advanced approval.  

Paid Time Off (PTO)

As a full-time team member, you get 20 paid days off annually.  These are accrued at a rate of 1.66 per month.  You can use your paid time off for any reason – vacation, sick time, mental health, holidays, etc.  

After a probationary period, the following benefits will be offered:

Internet Allowance

All team members are required to have top internet speeds for efficiency and reliability. After 30 days with the company, you will be reimbursed up to PHP1500 to upgrade your internet connection to 50 MBPS.  Upon approval, you may submit your bill for reimbursement each month.

Generator Benefit

After 90 days with the company, you can purchase and be reimbursed for a generator. The reimbursement amount is up to PHP20,000. 

Health Benefits

After 90 days with the company, we will provide you a healthcare reimbursement. You can choose any local healthcare broker and sign up for a personal plan and we will reimburse you up to PHP5,000 for your plan, PHP3500 for your spouse and PHP3,500 for each child dependent max of 3 children (up to PHP14,000) per quarter.  This reimbursement applies to an existing plan you have or a new plan you sign up for. 

13th Month Bonus

Each year on the anniversary of your start date, you will qualify for a bonus in the amount of your current one-month of salary.  Your 13th month bonus will be added to your paycheck during your anniversary month. 

Annual End-of-Year Bonus

You may qualify performance for an annual, end-of-year bonus based on overall company performance and profitability. 

How to Apply

    1.  Fill out this short online form.  

    2.  Email your resume to Support@AlchemizedTeams.com.