Want 20-hour work weeks, an 88% profit margin & millions in revenue?

That’s what Kate has, and here’s her secret…

Six years ago, I was visiting Puerto Rico and debating on moving here. A friend connected me to Kate and her now husband, John, who has a beautiful home on the east side of the island.  

Being the gracious souls they are, they invited me over for a poolside dinner with a few of their friends.  This is a pic from that poolside dinner on May 21st, 2017.  It’s me with Kate and Kate’s friend Cora – the 3 of us became fast friends and are still close.  

Since that day, one thing that Kate and I have always geeked out on together is… systems, team and profit margins!

At the time, my primary business was generating about $600K in revenue and I was netting nearly $400K.  I was working part time (I was traveling the world – that year I spent a month in India, three weeks in Bali, and took several other shorter trips).  

Kate was (and still is) in a similar situation, but with an even better profit margin and generating over 2.5 million in revenue annually.

Whether you’re running a small six-figure business like I was, or a multi-million dollar business like Kate does – the secret to working part time and having a healthy profit margin is People, Systems and Technology.  

Before we talk more about that, let me formally introduce Kate to you…

Kate Erickson is the powerhouse behind Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast and brand with over 2 million monthly downloads.  She and her husband John Lee Dumas work less than 20 hours a week each in the business, which generates over $2.5 million/year with an average 88% profit margin! Their team, which consists of 3 virtual assistants, is based in the Philippines and Pakistan, and they’ve been working with the same team members for over 8 years. Kate is ALL about leveraging the systems, technology, and team to create a highly profitable business you love.

When it comes to People, Technology & Systems, Kate and I use the same playbook. I’ve used it to build 4 companies, in 4 different niches, all with 50% profit margins, sold 3 of them, one for a 7-figure exit.  

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Always on your team,

Heidi DeCoux

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