Want 20-hour work weeks, an 88% profit margin & millions in revenue?

That’s what Kate has, and here’s her secret… Six years ago, I was visiting Puerto Rico and debating on moving here. A friend connected me to Kate and her now husband, John, who has a beautiful home on the east side of the island.   Being the gracious souls they are, they invited me over Read More

The 1 Thing That Makes EVERYTHING Easier 

Once you have this, everything gets easier. I was standing in a hot steamy cafeteria dish room covered in smelly food scrapes, feeling pleased as pie with myself.  Mr. Blivens, the Head of Food Services at my boarding school during high school, had assigned me to the dish room.  (I was not one of the Read More

Why Every Business Needs a Hiring & Onboarding System and How to Get One

When most business owners hear the phrase “onboarding,” they likely think of procedural things: employee handbooks, signing contracts, maybe some training to get a new hire familiar with their position.  But a real, robust, and successful onboarding system is so much more than that. It starts long before a new person is hired, and it Read More

Why You Should Be Outsourcing — It’s Good For Everyone

Here’s something a lot of new business owners don’t understand when they first start out: In order for your business to be truly viable, each team member you hire needs to make or save the company a minimum of 3 times what they cost.  That means that when you calculate all the costs associated with Read More

Why You Need Better Systems & How AI Helps

A lot of business owners make a critical mistake: they don’t pay enough attention to systems inside their business.  When that happens, they wind up doing a ton of extra work and using up valuable time and money. Here’s what a lack of solid systems looks like in a business: “Reinventing the wheel” — doing Read More