Why Every Business Needs a Hiring & Onboarding System and How to Get One

When most business owners hear the phrase “onboarding,” they likely think of procedural things: employee handbooks, signing contracts, maybe some training to get a new hire familiar with their position.  But a real, robust, and successful onboarding system is so much more than that. It starts long before a new person is hired, and it Read More

Why You Should Be Outsourcing — It’s Good For Everyone

Here’s something a lot of new business owners don’t understand when they first start out: In order for your business to be truly viable, each team member you hire needs to make or save the company a minimum of 3 times what they cost.  That means that when you calculate all the costs associated with Read More

Why You Need Better Systems & How AI Helps

A lot of business owners make a critical mistake: they don’t pay enough attention to systems inside their business.  When that happens, they wind up doing a ton of extra work and using up valuable time and money. Here’s what a lack of solid systems looks like in a business: “Reinventing the wheel” — doing Read More